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Anne Paprocki Aug 2012
Evaluation of San Francisco’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
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From October 1, 2009 through the end of June 2012, over 4,500 San Francisco residents received homelessness prevention or rapid re-housing services from the federally funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). Administered by SF-HSA, the program provided case management, back rent and security deposit grants, legal assistance, and rental subsidies so that single and family clients could become or remain housed. This evaluation has two goals. First, it evaluates HPRP by posing the following questions: • Who were HPRP’s clients? • How well did the program serve them? Were they stably housed when exiting the program? Do they remain housed now? • What do HPRP providers and clients think were the program’s strengths? • What do HPRP providers and clients wish could have been changed about the program? Second, this evaluation strives to make recommendations detailing how other San Francisco rental assistance programs should be adapted in light of lessons learned from HPRP. The evaluation is conducted through an analysis of HPRP client data, a focus group with HPRP providers, and interviews with HPRP clients.
Author: Anne Paprocki
Topic: Housing and homelessness
Publisher: San Francisco Human Services Agency
Location: United States
Format: Evaluation report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: August 31, 2012