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Financial Empowerment for Women Living on Low Incomes: An Action Plan
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There are many effective, award-winning financial literacy programs in Canada. However, many of these programs do not meet the needs of women living on low incomes. Families Canada’s national research study identified 14 social, economic, and institutional barriers that prevent women living on low incomes from accessing existing financial literacy programs.

To act on these research findings 20 calls to action have been identified in this Action Plan that will help Canadians better support women’s financial empowerment and lift the collective wealth of our country. If you are in a position to impact women’s financial skills, knowledge or confidence—whether through a formal program, by giving advice to a client or friend, or through policy—use these calls to action to adapt and improve your approach. With these actions, we can change the lives of women across Canada, break generational poverty cycles, and build a brighter future for the next generation.

This Action Plan was developed with the contributions of 30 organizations across Canada, with the support of Families Canada’s partners Canadian Credit Union Association and Vancity. It was developed as part of the project “Increasing Financial Literacy Opportunities for Women Living on Low Incomes: An Action Plan for Change”. This project was funded through Women and Gender Equality Canada’s Women’s Program.

Available in English and French.

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Author: Families Canada
Topic: Financial literacy
Publisher: Families Canada
Content Type: Programs
Publication Date: June 1, 2023