Retirement budget worksheet

Good financial planning starts with knowing what you spend. Try out this budget worksheet, prepared by the Ontario Securities Commission,  to see the difference in your costs before you retire and after you stop working. 

My spending rule to live by

Financial Planning Worksheet: My New Money Goal

SAVED: Five steps for making financial decisions

The eLearning Guild’s Handbook of e-Learning Strategy

Worksheets for developing a scaling-up strategy

My credit rule to live by

My savings rule to live by

Stretch Your Dollars: Budgeting Basics

Money Smart for Older Adults

Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for community volunteers

The goal of the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit is to make it easier for volunteers, lay counselors and workers, mentors, and coaches to help the people they serve become more financially empowered. Module 1-2: Setting goals, saving, and planning. Module 3-5: Managing income and spending money. Module 6-7: Debt and credit reports. Module 8: Money services, cards, accounts, and loans. Module 9: Protecting your money.