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Leah Quinlan Apr 2018
Accessibility and Disability for Indigenous Women, Girls, and Gender Diverse People: Informing the new Federal Accessibility Legislation
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Upwards of 450,000 Indigenous people identify as having a disability, functional, or activity limitation, but it is unknown how many of those people are women, girls, or gender diverse because of inaccurate and insufficient data. Indigenous people are more susceptible to living with a disability because of the current social and political atmosphere and the impact colonization has had and continues to have on Indigenous communities. Moreover, Indigenous people are more likely to acquire a disability than to be born with one because of influential environmental factors including not being able to access supports to improve their social determinants of health (ie. education, healthcare, land, etc.).

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Author: Leah Quinlan
Topic: Financial inclusion, Racial equity
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: April 16, 2018