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From Upside Down to Right-Side Up: Redeploying $540 Billion in Federal Spending to Help all Families Save, Invest, and Build Wealth
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The four papers in this series propose federal reforms to turn tax programs right-side up, redeploying existing spending to help all Americans save, invest, and build wealth. This summary is followed by four policy papers that stand on their own and as constituent parts of a comprehensive analysis of federal tax programs to boost savings, investments, and wealth. Each of these papers brings together new and old data to analyze the size of federal tax programs; who receives support from these programs; why these tax programs are upside down; and how federal reforms can turn the programs right-side up. The remainder of this summary draws from each of these papers, providing both a top-level view of these tax programs, as well as a sketch of potential federal policy reforms.
Author: Ezra Levin, Ida Rademacher, Jeremie Greer
Topic: Tax filing and benefits
Publisher: Prosperity Now (formerly CFED)
Location: United States
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 31, 2014