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Grad Survey: Ontario University Graduates Are Securing Well-Paying Jobs in their Field
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As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, the future remains bright for university graduates. With a growing need for a skilled and adaptable workforce to contribute to the betterment of our businesses, our communities and our province, university-educated graduates are using the advanced knowledge and skills they learn at university to get well-paying jobs in their fields soon after graduation. The latest Ontario government survey of graduates from undergraduate programs shows that almost 94 per cent have secured employment two years after graduation. The average salary for university bachelor’s degree graduates in full-time jobs was $49,170 two years after graduation, up from the average salary of $41,839 six months after graduation. The survey of Ontario university students who graduated in 2013, conducted for the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, concludes that university graduates get jobs related to their education.
Author: Council of Ontario Universities
Topic: Financial well-being
Publisher: Council of Ontario Universities
Location: Canada
Format: Survey / Survey results
Content Type: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: November 30, 2016