The Economic Reality of The Asian American Pacific Islander Community Is Marked by Diversity and Inequality, Not Universal Success
Author: Arika Harrison, Cy Watsky, Emanuel Nieves, Josh Ishimatsu
Topic: Racial equity
Publisher: National CAPACD, Prosperity Now (formerly CFED)
Location: United States
Format: Brief
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: November 16, 2020

By most measures of economic success—whether it be income, education, wealth or employment—Asian Americans are doing well in the United States, both when compared to other communities of color as well to White households. But while these measures of success are noteworthy, the way they are collected, analyzed and presented all too often masks the disparate financial situations of the dozens of ethnic subgroups categorized as “Asian American.”

This brief explores some of the misconceptions that feed into broadly held beliefs that all members of the AAPI community are part of one large homogenous and successful group.

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