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Ray Boshara Apr 2015
Thrivers and Strugglers: The Balance Sheets and Financial Health of U.S. Families
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This is a brief presentation by Ray Boshara from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. It shows data from the Survey of Consumer Finances "financial health scorecard." Results show the disparities in wealth for already vulnerable families, and differences by age, ethnicity, and education. No strategy alone – homeownership, education – is likely to result in closing the wealth gap. In fact, the returns on key assets such as homes, education, and savings, appear to be weaker among minority families. A realist goal should not be to close the wealth gap, but to improve the financial health, balance sheets and lives of more struggling Americans.
Author: Ray Boshara
Topic: Financial well-being
Publisher: AFN - Asset Funders Network
Location: United States
Format: Presentation
Content Type: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: April 30, 2015