Why the Time is Right for a Guaranteed Income with an Equity Lens
Author: AFN - Asset Funders Network
Topic: Poverty issues, Racial equity
Publisher: AFN - Asset Funders Network
Location: United States
Format: Webinar
Content Type: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: May 25, 2021

Over 50+ mayors in the United States have joined a national initiative Mayor’s for Guaranteed Income (MGI). Many advocates and practitioners now believe the moment has arrived for a guaranteed Income with an equity lens. In this webinar, perspectives from a diverse group of thought leaders involved in GI initiatives including practitioners, government representatives and philanthropy were heard. Panelists shared outcomes and new research results from some of the most successful GI pilots in the country (Stockton and Mississippi); goals for the newly launched Mayor’s for Guaranteed Income; how philanthropy can play a catalytic role and what this moment tells us about the future of guaranteed income initiatives.

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