Global Learning Partners: Shareable Resources

Global Learning Partners (GLP) helps individuals and organizations to learn by providing practical expertise in learning assessment, design, facilitation and evaluation.

Their shareable resources cover a variety of topics in learning, taking a learning-centered approach, including: Learning Design, Needs Assessment, Facilitation, Evaluation, and others.

Money and Youth

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) works collaboratively with funding partners, departments of education, school boards, schools, educators, and teacher associations to develop and provide free, non-commercial programs and resources for teachers and students – developed and reviewed by educators. The online version of their curriculum Money and Youth is organized into separate modules so that users can select individual topics that align with interests. An introduction to the topic, a teachers guide containing lesson plans, and parent resources are included within each module.

FERN-Youth Financial Empowerment Toolkit

Teaching Taxes: Teacher’s Manual

Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for social service programs

Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for community volunteers (Intro)

Measuring financial capability using a short survey instrument – Instruction manual