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Measuring financial capability using a short survey instrument - Instruction manual
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The 2005 Baseline Survey of Financial Capability (BSFC) was designed by the Personal Finance Research Centre on behalf of the Financial Services Authority to measure the four domains of financial capability which we had identified in earlier exploratory work with consumers. The questions set out in this manual are all the questions that are needed to create simple indicators for each of the five aspects of financial capability identified in the original analysis of the BSFC. There are 16 questions in total, three of which feed into the making ends meet indicator, five for the keeping track indicator, three each for planning ahead and choosing products, and a final two to create the staying informed indicator.
Author: Adele Atkinson
Topic: Research and evaluation
Publisher: Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol
Location: United Kingdom
Format: Guide
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: June 30, 2011