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Better Money Habits Millennial Report
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We are pleased to share the results from the third installment of the Bank of America/USA TODAY Better Money Habits Millennial Report, which measures millennials’ attitudes and priorities around money. The newest findings show that while millennials are reasonably confident about money and are focused on their finances, they are also experiencing a great deal of stress around the topic. That’s due in part to factors out of their control, including a volatile global economy, a changing job market and, to some extent, the student debt they’ve taken on. The survey indicates there may be room for more effective financial management efforts that enable millennials to take better control of their finances and hopefully alleviate some of the stress they feel. Resources that can provide millennials with actionable and digestible guidance to help them navigate tough choices are critical.
Author: Bank of America
Topic: Financial literacy
Publisher: Bank of America/USA Today
Location: United States
Format: Survey / Survey results
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 31, 2015