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Creating Communities Where We Live - A Good Practices Guide
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Creating Communities Where We Live - A Good Practices Guide is a locally-driven community-based researched project conducted in Edmonton, Alberta, by e4c and the University of Alberta Community Service-Learning program. The project seeks to add to the knowledge and practice of community care around supporting people to achieve a safe, secure, and affordable housing experience.

The 10 good practices in this guide describe structures, roles, and relationships which promote community and wellbeing for tenants who live in affordable housing. The practices are informed, in part, by research into tenant and staff experiences at affordable housing complexes run by four Edmonton housing providers.

Author: Alexandra Parker, David Prodan, Shauna Young
Topic: Best practices, Housing and homelessness
Publisher: E4C Alberta, University of Alberta Community Service Learning
Location: Alberta, Canada
Format: Guide
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: November 16, 2020