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Creating Mobility from Poverty: An Overview of Strategies
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This overview paper broadly outlines the types of strategies being used to help people move up from poverty. It lays out basic categories for classifying such programs, explains the logic of various approaches, and offers some broad pros and cons of various types of interventions. The accompanying paper, Building Blocks and Strategies for Helping Americans Move Out of Poverty, provides a much more detailed discussion, including examples of some well-regarded programs in each category (Bogle et al. 2016). Readers should recognize that in this report, we do not evaluate the alternatives, rank them, or recommend a specific strategy; that work should come later. Rather, this report serves as a road map for those thinking about ways to significantly increase mobility from poverty.
Author: David T. Ellwood, Gregory Acs, Kelly Mikelson, Mary Bogle, Susan J. Popkin
Topic: Poverty issues
Publisher: Urban Institute
Location: United States
Format: Working paper
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: August 31, 2016