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Empower U Financial Coaching
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Financial empowerment consists of five complementary strategies including financial literacy and coaching; taxes and access to benefits; safe financial products; savings and asset building; and consumer protection. Empower U serves primarily as a financial literacy and coaching and savings and asset building intervention (although partners also contribute to the other interventions).

The Sustainable Livelihood Model identifies five distinct sets of assets including personal, human, social, physical and financial. The Empower U program activities are grounded by two overarching philosophies: Financial Empowerment (as defined by Prosper Canada) and the Sustainable Livelihood Model (adapted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, based on the work of the University of Sussex Institute for Development Studies).

Focusing on financial literacy and coaching, Empower U has developed an individual financial coaching component to the overall program.

Author: Brittany Molner, Laurie McCaffrey
Topic: Financial coaching & counselling
Location: Alberta, Canada
Format: Evaluation report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: March 15, 2022