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From disadvantaged students to college graduates: The role of CSAs (Chapter 4‐ Brief).
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Addressing the educational challenges facing disadvantaged children will require innovations that can create greater equality of opportunity, such that their innate talents and academic effort translate into meaningful access to college. Evidence points to differences in asset accumulation a part of the key to explaining educational gaps. Children’s savings for school, even at very low levels, may empower low-income high school graduates to enter and succeed in college. Some of these effects may be a result of children’s changed engagement with institutions, which they see as supportive of their aspirations and consistent with their normative expectations. Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) can be a step toward changing the educational trajectories of disadvantaged, but talented, children in the U.S.
Author: Emily Rauscher, William Elliott
Topic: Asset building and saving
Location: United States
Format: Brief
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 31, 2013