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Housing Need & Homelessness Amongst Gender-Diverse People in Canada
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While available research indicates that gender-diverse persons experience intersecting challenges to accessing adequate housing in Canada, there has been limited human rights analysis of this group’s experiences. Available research indicates that trans and gender-diverse persons experience significant, intersecting human rights violations in the area of housing, including: gender-based discrimination in the rental housing market, disproportionate housing accessibility and adequacy issues, gender-based violence that undermines housing stability, unique barriers to security of tenure, and socio-economic marginalization that erodes access to affordable, safe, and permanent housing.

In the wake of this human rights crisis, this Research Brief seeks to provide a preliminary portrait of housing need and homelessness amongst gender-diverse people in Canada. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from the The Pan-Canadian Women’s Housing and Homelessness Survey, this Research Brief compiles key statistics and lived expert insights into the unique housing needs and experiences of gender-diverse persons, including with respect to: poverty, housing conditions, discrimination in housing, evictions, public system failures, experiences of homelessness, pathways into homelessness, and other unique barriers to housing.

Read the literature review and practice scan or click on the "Access this resource" button to read the research brief. 

Author: Alex Nelson, Jayne Malenfant, Kaitlin Schwan
Topic: Housing and homelessness
Publisher: Women's National Housing & Homelessness Network
Location: Canada
Format: Brief, Literature review, Reports/Articles
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: January 16, 2023