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Parents and caregivers worry about who will be there when they are no longer able to care for their loved ones with a disability. It is a question that weighs heavy on families. Family members, or parents, want to know what options will be available and who will be making decisions for their loved one. 

Microboards may be part of a long-term solution for families. Microboards have provided some families with a formal way of preparing for the future.  Specifically Microboards enable families to:

People who have a disability and their families form Microboards to:

  • Administer individualized funding arrangements
  • Employ or contract with support workers
  • Receive and manage income and disability supports
  • Support trustees of trusts for which the individual is the beneficiary
  • Support the plan holder(s) of the RDSP for which the individual is the beneficiary (which may include the individual)
  • Advocate for additional supports and resources 

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Author: P4P Planning Network
Topic: Financial inclusion, Financial well-being
Location: Canada
Format: Guides, Toolkit
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: April 12, 2024