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Racial equity toolkit
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Centering equity is key to the purpose and mission of any collective impact work, no matter the issue area or focus. It is very difficult to move population or systems change without redressing disparities that exist in almost every community. Part of the challenge is there is not one path to achieve equity, and the work of advancing equity is an ongoing practice, built on work that is very personal, relational, and structural. Though it is a continuing journey without a definitive finish line, structured processes, goals, and metrics can support individuals and collectives to advance the work intentionally and strategically.

The Racial Equity Toolkit, is designed to support backbone staff and partners to operationalize racial equity throughout their collective impact work. Through a mix of personal reflection exercises, conversations, and activities, this toolkit will help teams explore how centering racial equity can advance their strategies, build understanding, strengthen relationships, and support in reaching their collective goals.

Website: Racial Equity Toolkit - Collective Impact Forum

PodcastExploring How to Use the New Racial Equity Toolkit

WebinarExploring the Racial Equity Toolkit

Author: Dominique Samari, Paul Schmitz
Topic: Racial equity
Location: United States
Format: Guides, Online tool, Toolkit
Content Type: Training/Toolkits
Publication Date: February 9, 2023