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Social and political attitudes of people on low incomes
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People living on low incomes have historically been excluded from politics and policy debates, even when the question at hand is how poverty can be reduced or its impacts mitigated. The aim of this research was to explore how people on low incomes perceive politics, understand how far they feel they can control or influence the impact of politics and policy on their lives, and provide a platform for them to speak out on the issues that most concern them. This report draws on three complementary projects: secondary analysis of Understanding Society and NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey uncovering the social and political attitudes of people on low incomes, findings from a new high quality random web probability panel, and a deep dive case study with people living on low incomes in an Outer London borough.
Author: Allison Dunatchik
Topic: Financial behaviour/decisions, Financial well-being
Publisher: Josef Rountree Foundation
Location: United Kingdom
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: August 30, 2016