Tools for 2022: Tamarack's Top 10 Resources Published in 2021
Author: Tamarack Institute
Topic: Best practices
Publisher: Tamarack Institute
Location: Canada
Format: Guide
Content Type: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: January 5, 2022

The Tamarack Institute develops and supports collaborative strategies that engage citizens and institutions to solve major community issues across Canada and beyond. Our belief is that when we are effective in strengthening community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and end poverty, our work contributes to the building of peace and a more equitable society.

This toolkit contains the top ten resources they published in 2021 including: index of community engagement techniques, the community engagement planning canvas, a guide for community-based COVID recovery, a guide for engaging people with lived and living experience, asset-based community development, a guide for advancing the sustainable development goals in your community and much more. 

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