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An Introduction to Trauma- and Violence-Informed Approaches in Financial Literacy Education
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Trauma and violence are highly prevalent and have serious impacts on health and well-being. Being aware of how trauma and violence can present during service interactions can improve their effectiveness and client and provider satisfaction and well-being. Financial literacy educators are well-placed to integrate trauma- and violence-informed approaches (TVIA) in their discussions with clients. This webinar will introduce the concept of TVIA, with a focus on why adding the “V” to trauma-informed practice is transformational in how we view and interact with clients. TVIA’s four Principles will be described, with practice-relevant examples provided.

Watch these 4 videos by Families Canada to understand Trauma and Violence-Informed Approaches in Financial Literacy Education, creating safety during financial literacy conversations, prioritizing choice, connection, strength and capacity in Financial Literacy education and end with a recap and additional resources. 

Author: Families Canada
Topic: Consumer protection, Financial literacy
Location: Canada
Format: Videos, Webinar
Content Type: Programs
Publication Date: February 6, 2023