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Bridge to benefits
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Bridge to benefits: Implementing benefits access in social service has been created for organizations that are interested in starting, refining or expanding their work in access to benefits services. This includes benefits services such as helping to fill out applications, providing access to technology, assisting with transportation support or tax filing.   
The tool provides information and resources for organizations to assess what kinds of access to benefits services fit best with their capacity and community. It was created by Prosper Canada, with the input and expertise of our Benefits Navigator Champion partners, listed below, and with the generous support of our primary sponsor, the TD Ready Commitment, and with additional support from The Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security. 
  • ACEF du sud-Ouest de Montreal 
  • North York Community House (NYCH)  
  • E4C- Edmonton Alberta  
  • Thunder Bay Counselling Centre  
  • Family Services of Greater Vancouver  
  • CFCS – Winnipeg   
The tool can be accessed two ways: Directly via Bridge to Benefits or from the Agency Portal on the Benefits Wayfinder. 
Also available in French.
Author: Prosper Canada
Topic: Tax filing and benefits
Location: Canada
Format: Online tool, Other
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: May 31, 2023