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Economic abuse screening tool (a toolkit for social service providers)
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Women’s shelters are often the first point of contact for victim-survivors fleeing abusive relationships. Therefore, safety and shelter are logically at the forefront of staff members’ immediate concerns. Once the victim-survivor is in a place of safety, it is crucial to explore the patterns of abuse the person has experienced. Economic security is an often overlooked pattern of abuse linked to physical safety. It is, therefore, crucial and the goal of this screening tool for shelter workers to identify potential Economic and Financial Abuse amongst their clients and to assist victim-survivors in accessing essential economic resources.

Watch the webinar: Recognizing and responding to economic abuse; empowering survivors to thrive and succeed. 

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Author: Meseret Haileyesus, Michaela Mayer, Natalie Snow
Topic: Financial behaviour/decisions
Publisher: Canadian Centre for Women's Empowerment
Location: Canada
Format: Online tool
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: March 15, 2023