Fraud Prevention Toolkits
Author: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
Topic: Consumer protection
Location: Canada
Format: Toolkit
Content Type: Training/Toolkits
Publication Date: February 28, 2022

In 2021, losses reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reached an all time high of 379 million with Canadian losses accounting for 275 million of this. Fraud Prevention Month is a campaign held each March to inform and educate the public on protecting yourself from being a victim of fraud. 

This year's theme is impersonation, and focuses on scams where fraudsters will claim to be government official, critical infrastructure companies, and even law enforcement officials. 

This collection of fraud prevention toolkits is available in English and French.

In English:

Show me the fraud


Middle Agers

Young Adults


En Français:

Montre-moi la fraude


Personnes d’âge moyen

Jeunes Adultes


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