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Resourcing rights claimants: closing the gap to exercising the national housing strategy act
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The National Housing Strategy Act (NHSA) of 2019 introduced landmark human rights mechanisms aimed at addressing systemic housing issues in Canada. These mechanisms enable rights holders who have borne the brunt of Canada’s housing crisis to have their voices heard, claim their rights, and offer solutions to systemic issues affecting their communities.

There is tremendous power in these justice mechanisms of the NHSA. If well implemented, they can foster equitable, sustainable, and community-driven solutions that transform Canada’s housing laws, policies, and programs. This transformation not only addresses the immediate crisis but fosters long-term economic stability, social cohesion, and an enhanced global reputation by demonstrating Canada’s commitment to human rights and inclusive policymaking.

However, the full potential of these mechanisms—including reviews by the Federal Housing Advocate and review panels—risks being unrealized due to a critical gap: the lack of dedicated funding to support the meaningful engagement of civil society and rights holders, especially those from deeply marginalized communities.

This report, spearheaded by the National Right to Housing Network (NRHN), underscores the urgency of establishing a targeted funding program to address this gap. Such a program will empower individuals and civil society organizations to engage effectively with the NHSA's mechanisms, elevating the right to housing from rhetoric to a lived reality for all people in Canada.

Author: Michèle Biss, Sahar Raza
Topic: Best practices, Housing and homelessness
Publisher: The National Right to Housing Network
Location: Canada
Format: Report, Reports/Articles
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: July 13, 2024