Rigorous evaluation of financial capability strategies - Why, when and how
Author: CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Topic: Financial well-being, Research and evaluation
Publisher: CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Location: United States
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: January 31, 2014
In order to support and guide efforts to improve the effectiveness and quality of financial education, the CFPB is taking up this challenge to provide stronger evidence of what works to improve financial decision making and financial well-being, while ensuring the appropriate research protections for consumers. This effort will help us and a range of providers improve consumer decision making and outcomes. The Office of Financial Education, in coordination with the Office of Research, has developed a research program that focuses on (1) determining how to measure financial well-being, and identifying the knowledge, skills, and habits associated with financially capable consumers, (2) evaluating the effectiveness of existing approaches to improving financial decision making and outcomes, and (3) developing and evaluating new approaches.
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