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The childhood origins of social mobility: socio-economic inequalities and changing opportunities
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This report was commissioned by the SMCPC for the purpose of replicating for the British case, as far as possible, the findings in Our Kids. In this era in which public concern about poverty, inequality, and social mobility has been increasing, our primary aim in this report is to find out if the situation looks equally gloomy in Britain as in the United States, or if British society exhibits increasing rather than decreasing equality of opportunity. The childhood origins of social mobility are divided into three domains for our analysis: parental engagement (including parent-child interaction), children’s behaviours, and parents’ social capital. We set out to measure the degree to which 1) these factors are unequally distributed between the social classes, 2) there has been overall improvement or deterioration over time, and 3) the socio-economic gaps are widening or narrowing.
Author: A.F. Heath, E. Garratt, L. Richards
Topic: Financial well-being
Location: United Kingdom
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: June 30, 2016