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Tools for Building Financial Well-Being in First Nation Communities

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This collection of financial empowerment tools and resources is intended to support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations working to build financial wellness in First Nation communities.

It was created as part of the Financial Wellness in First Nations project (2021-2023) where community organizations in Winnipeg and Sudbury are partnering with Prosper Canada and AFOA Canada to adapt and develop approaches to building financial wellness in First Nation communities.

This toolkit (see below) has been compiled by Prosper Canada, with support from:

SEED Winnipeg,

Community Financial Counselling Services (CFCS),

Sudbury Community Service Centre,

AFOA Canada

This toolkit has been made possible by IG Wealth Management. 


April 10, 2024: Housing in First Nations Communities from the Auditor General of Canada, Taxes and benefits for Indigenous Peoples, CRA

Building Native Communities from First Nations Development Institute

Report on financial health and wealth from the Native Women's Association of Canada





*Resource is not specific to Indigenous communities

Money Management:

Dollars and Sense Program– AFOA Canada
Financial workshops for youth
Managing your money – Prosper Canada
Worksheets to set and work towards money goals
Financial literacy for Indigenous Peoples – RBC
A two-hour course on financial basics
Financial health & wealth – Native Women’s Association of Canada
Financial literacy information and worksheets
Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples – ABC Literacy
Money Matters workbooks
Money moccasins – Momentum
Workshops for Indigenous peoples on assets, budgets, banking, credit and consumerism.
Money stories– SEED Winnipeg
Customized money management training program for Indigenous youth
Empower U– Esquao Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women
Financial literacy program
The Game Plan – Indigenous Story Studio
Comic book on financial literacy (paid resource)
Financial Education Online*– Credit Counselling Society
Short online courses
Dollars and Sense* – Texas A&M (USA)
Online simulation for Middle and High School Students
Simple budget template* – Prosper Canada
Student budget worksheet* – FCAC
Gift planning worksheet*- Sudbury Community Service Centre
Budget planner* – Government of Canada
Building Native communities – First Nations Development Institute


Credit– AFOA Canada
A Money Smarts podcast on how to build and keep credit in good shape
Proper use of credit* – Sudbury Community Service Centre
Tips on how to build good strong credit
Collection Agencies and You*- Sudbury Community Service Centre
Tips on your rights if contacted by a collection agency
Credit report request form* – Sudbury Community Service Centre
Equifax and TransUnion request forms
Credit report sample*– FCAC
Dangers of credit* – Sudbury Community Service Centre
The dangers of the different forms of credit available
Payday loans and you* – Sudbury Community Service Centre
Understanding how pay day loans work
Debt consolidation calculator * – Ontario Securities Commission
Combine multiple debts into one and calculate how soon you could be debt free
The 4 cornerstones of debt reduction strategies & budgeting* – Credit Counselling Society


Low-income retirement planning* Open Policy
A background paper on maximizing GIS

*Resource is not specific to Indigenous communities

Money Smarts -AFOA Canada
podcast series

The shared path- First Nations Financial Wellness– Prosper Canada & AFOA Canada

Financial empowerment: Personal finance for Indigenous and non-Indigenous People – Bettina Schneider
Adaptation of openly licensed textbook Person Finance v 1.0 by Saylor Academy

Financial health & wealth: an initiative by the Native Women’s Association of Canada 

Report on financial health and wealth from the Native Women’s Association of Canada

Housing in First Nations Communities from the Auditor General of Canada

Access to ID:

Access to Identification for Low-Income Manitobans* – Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, MB
Research on what can be done to address challenges around ID
Eyeing the ID: Bio-metric Banking for Saint John* – NB Social Pediatrics and the Saint John Community Loan Fund
Identifies access to identification, as well as stringent identification requirements as the most prevalent barriers to receiving services

Author: Prosper Canada
Topic: Best practices
Publisher: Prosper Canada
Location: Canada
Format: Toolkit
Content Type: Prosper Canada Toolkits
Publication Date: November 28, 2022