Trends in Income-Related Health Inequalities in Canada
Author: Canadian Institute for Health Information
Topic: Poverty issues
Publisher: Canadian Institute for Health Information
Location: Canada
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: November 30, 2015
The evidence in this report indicates that inequalities are persistent in Canada. Over the past decade, little or no progress has been made in reducing inequalities in health by income level in Canada (please see the appendix). Since the early 2000s, inequalities have widened for 3 of the 16 health indicators that were studied and did not change for 11 of them. While inequalities did narrow for the remaining 2 indicators, this was the result of an undesirable “levelling down” effect — in other words, health worsened among the richest Canadians while at the same time there was no change among the lowest income group.
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