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Andrew Parkin Oct 2016
A million Canadian kids missing out on free education money
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Since the 2015 election, the Liberal government has made two major adjustments to federal programs targeted at children and youth. First, the uniform payment to every family with children was replaced by the new Canada Child Benefit, a benefit worth more to lower income families and withheld from the wealthy. In a similar vein, the government announced it would phase out some of the existing tax credits for post-secondary education (PSE), which were available to all families with taxable income, so it could use the savings to increase the value of grants for students from low income families. Still, the work to improve support to children from low income families is not done – 1 million low income children each year are still missing out on the Canada Learning Bond.
Author: Andrew Parkin
Topic: Asset building and saving
Publisher: Policy Options / Options Politiques
Location: Canada
Format: Article
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: October 1, 2016