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Brenton Peck Nov 2015
Aligning for Impact: Innovation in Short-term Lending Products
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The Center for Financial Services Innovation is an authority on consumer financial health, leading a network of financial services innovators committed to building better consumer products and practices. The CFSI applied their four Compass Principles (Embrace inclusion, Build trust, Promote success, Create opportunity) to the concept of Small-Dollar Credit and convened a working group to encourage innovation across the small-dollar credit industry. The Working Group has generated a body of knowledge that can be leveraged by financial service providers, regulators, non-profit organizations, and FinTech start-ups pursuing responsible and profitable small-dollar credit solutions.
Author: Brenton Peck
Topic: Financial inclusion
Publisher: CFSI - Center for Financial Services Innovation
Location: United States
Format: Presentation
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: November 3, 2015