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Banks responding to unique financial needs of seniors
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The banking industry has long recognized that it has a role to play strengthening the financial literacy skills of all Canadians. That’s why the CBA administers Your Money Seniors, a free, non-commercial seminar program developed in collaboration with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), for Canadians entering – or already in – retirement.

Tailoring Banking Services for Seniors
Our country’s banks recognize their critical role in the lives of seniors and offer many services and accounts uniquely suited for this customer segment.

Fraud prevention information for older Canadians
The CBA recently launched three fraud prevention toolkits to help Canadians protect themselves against common and emerging scams. Created in collaboration with the Government of Canada’s Get Cyber Safe campaign, the seniors-focused toolkit includes a fraud prevention checklist and tips to avoid ruses such as phone fraud, the grandparent scam and tech support scams. 

The Code of Conduct to protect seniors
Banks supported the creation of the Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors

Author: Mathieu Labrèche
Topic: Consumer protection, Financial literacy
Publisher: Canadian Bankers Association
Location: Canada
Format: Online tool, Other
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: June 5, 2023