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Gregory Mills Dec 2016
Building Savings for Success Early Impacts from the Assets for Independence Program Randomized Evaluation - Final Report
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Individual development accounts (IDAs) help low-income families save by matching their personal savings for specific investments, such as a first home, business capitalization, or higher education and training. The Assets for Independence (AFI) program is a federally supported IDA grant program authorized under the Assets for Independence Act of 1998. Our evaluation at two sites—Albuquerque and Los Angeles—shows that AFI is increasing low-income participants’ savings one year into the program. This is the first evaluation of the AFI program to use a randomized controlled trial, the gold standard for measuring program effectiveness. We assess the program’s early (first-year) effects on participants’ savings, asset ownership, and economic well-being.
Author: Gregory Mills
Topic: Asset building and saving, Research and evaluation
Publisher: Urban Institute
Location: United States
Format: Evaluation report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 31, 2016