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Café Scientifique: Driving multi-level action to improve financial wellbeing
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More and more people are having difficulties in covering day-to-day expenses, saving money, and paying down debts. 

The Financial Wellbeing Café Scientifique was an opportunity to bring people together to talk about how to drive action on financial wellbeing in Canada.

The event included a panel presentation on Taking Intersectoral Action on the Causes of Poverty to Support Financial Wellbeing. 

Watch the panel

The highlights of the event along with information on financial wellbeing, why there is a need to focus on financial wellbeing, and possible action are available in English and French infographics.

Author: Centre for Healthy Communities
Topic: Financial well-being
Publisher: University of Alberta’s Center for Health Communities
Location: Canada
Format: Fact sheet, Guides
Content Type: Programs
Publication Date: April 30, 2024