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How weak rent regulations are failing to provide secure homes for renters in Canada
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Renters across Canada are facing exorbitant rental housing costs, driven by excessive rent increases and the loss of affordable homes. Many renters are left with so few housing options that they can afford, leaving them vulnerable to “economic eviction,” or being forced to live in a home that is inaccessible or so poorly maintained that they present dangers to their health and safety. 

In the absence of strong laws that regulate rents, private landlords are free to charge rents far higher than what is necessary to cover their expenses and make a reasonable profit. This practice is known as rent gouging, and it’s causing rents to climb excessively across Canada to the point that half of renters are worried about being able to pay their rent. In many places, price gouging laws prohibit businesses from taking advantage of emergencies to overcharge for basic necessities. Yet, even though housing is a basic necessity and a human right, rent gouging is legal everywhere in Canada. Moreover, the regulations that do exist vary widely across the country.

Read this article where we provide a breakdown of how each province and territory treats rent regulation, and their shortcomings in ensuring that renters have a secure place to call home. 

Author: Canadian Centre for Housing Rights
Topic: Housing and homelessness
Location: Canada
Format: Article, Reports/Articles
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 13, 2023