Learn about your taxes (free CRA online course)
Author: Canada Revenue Agency
Topic: Financial literacy, Tax filing and benefits
Publisher: Canada Revenue Agency
Location: Canada
Format: Online course
Content Type: Training/Toolkits
Publication Date: November 7, 2022

A free online course to learn about personal income taxes in Canada, developed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Contents include:

  1. Starting to work: Why you need a social insurance number (SIN), when to fill out a TD1 form, and what’s on your pay stub and T4 slip.
  2. Preparing to do your taxes: Find out what you’ll need to know before doing your taxes and the different ways to do them.
  3. Completing a basic tax return: An introduction to a basic income tax and benefit return. What you need to report, how to claim deductions and tax credits, and finding out whether you will get a refund or owe tax.

Additional resources for teachers and facilitators are available.

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