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Missing for those who need it most: Canada's financial help gap
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A new study by national charity Prosper Canada, undertaken with funding support from Co-operators, finds that Canadians with low incomes are increasingly financially vulnerable but lack access to the financial help they need to rebuild their financial health.

The report, shows that affordable, appropriate and trustworthy financial help for people with low incomes is a critical but missing piece in Canada's financial services landscape. People with low incomes are unlikely to find help when they need it to plan financially, develop and adhere to a budget, set and pursue saving goals, file their taxes outside of tax season, and access income benefits.

Executive summary: Canada's financial help gap

L’aide qui manque pour ceux qui en ont le plus besoin

Sommaire Exécutif: L’écart en matière d’aide financière au Canada


Author: Adam Fair, Elizabeth Mulholland, Lisa Rae, Sasha McNicoll
Topic: Financial inclusion, Research and evaluation
Publisher: Prosper Canada
Location: Canada
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: April 11, 2023