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Tackling financial exclusion: A country that works for everyone?
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The United Kingdom is at the forefront of the global finance industry and is a leader in the fields of financial services, technology and innovation. Despite this high standing, a sizeable number of UK citizens lack access to even the most basic financial services, while still more are forced to rely on high-cost and suboptimal products which can prove damaging to their long-term financial health. We do not believe that this situation is acceptable. Recent speeches and policy announcements have clearly set out the Government’s ambitions towards a shared society, and to make ‘the system’ work for all. Our conclusions and recommendations in this report are consistent with these wider Government objectives, and will help the Government to deliver on this agenda.
Author: House of Lords Select Committee on Financial Exclusion
Topic: Financial inclusion
Publisher: House of Lords
Location: United Kingdom
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: March 31, 2017