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Cohesia May 2023
The barriers we face: Newcomers and the financial markets
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When immigrants arrive in Canada, they face many financial challenges. From opening a bank account to using a credit card, from buying a house to paying for insurance, they may find it difficult to navigate the nuances of Canadian markets. Newcomers rely on industry professionals to assist them in the many stages of financial decision-making. The ability of industry professionals to understand and respond to newcomers’ challenges is critical to reducing barriers, building confidence in the financial and consumer markets, and developing a sense of belonging.
The virtual public dialogue "The Barriers We Face: Newcomers and the Financial Markets", held on May 31, 2023, aimed to provide institutions, organizations and industry professionals with an objective perspective on the challenges immigrants face when navigating New Brunswick's financial and consumer services. Organized by Cohesia, in collaboration with the Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick, the event featured testimonials from newcomers to New Brunswick and industry experts who shared their knowledge and experiences of immigrating and working with newcomers.

Author: Cohesia
Topic: Best practices, Financial inclusion
Location: Canada, New Brunswick
Format: Report, Reports/Articles
Content Type: Programs
Publication Date: May 31, 2023