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The Role of Emergency Savings in Family Financial Security: Barriers to Saving and Policy Opportunities
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This brief explores how Americans think about their savings; how policymakers might enable diverse families to better prepare for, handle, and recover from financial challenges; and related economic factors that should be considered to ensure that policies and programs respond to families’ needs. These findings highlight that successful policy must be grounded in families’ real needs and behaviours and offer savings opportunities that are safe, affordable, easy, and relevant. Current policy emphasizes households’ longterm needs, such as retirement and homeownership. But saving for emergencies is fundamentally different. Rather than accumulating a large reserve over a long time, short-term, security-focused initiatives require families to build savings, spend them judiciously, then rebuild the cushion repeatedly.
Author: The PEW Charitable Trusts
Topic: Financial literacy
Publisher: The PEW Charitable Trusts
Location: United States
Format: Brief
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: January 31, 2016