Tips for Providing Financial Capability Services to Immigrant Communities
Author: Prosperity Now (formerly CFED)
Topic: Financial well-being
Publisher: Prosperity Now (formerly CFED)
Location: United States
Format: Guide
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: April 30, 2017
Immigrants face many of the same challenges that low- and moderate-income communities experience (e.g., low and unstable incomes, poor credit or lack of a credit history, and limited ability to access loans). But they also face a set of unique challenges. For example, immigrants may be hesitant to open a bank account because they find document requirements confuusing, or they may not trust financial institutions in the U.S. Immigrants may be unfamiliar with key aspects of the U.S. financial system, such as credit, taxes, financial products and fees. Limited English proficiency and lack of bilingual banking staff can make it difficult for immigrants to access the information they need.
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