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Housing First
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Housing First involves moving people experiencing homelessness —particularly people experiencing chronic homelessness—rapidly from the street or emergency shelters into stable and long-term housing, with supports. Stable housing provides a platform to deliver services to address issues frequently faced among the chronically and episodically homeless. The goal is to encourage housing stability and improved quality of life for persons served by Housing First and, to the extent possible, foster self-sufficiency.

Housing First involves 3 kinds of service supports:

Housing with supports to help clients find housing, move in and maintain that housing;

Clinical supports providing or facilitating access to health care and social care to clients to help them achieve housing stability and encourage well-being; and

Complementary supports, such as assistance with finding employment, volunteer work and accessing training offered on a case-by-case basis to help clients improve their quality of life, integrate into the community and, to the extent possible, achieve self-sufficiency. 

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Author: Government of Canada
Topic: Housing and homelessness
Publisher: Government of Canada
Location: Canada
Format: Article, Reports/Articles
Content Type: Programs
Publication Date: May 10, 2022