Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts (2nd edition)
Author: Alexander Raphael, Dennis Raphael, Juha Mikkonen, Toba Bryant
Topic: Financial well-being, Health
Publisher: Ontario Tech University, York University
Location: Canada
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: March 11, 2021

Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts, 2nd edition, provides Canadians with an updated introduction to the social determinants of our health. We first explain how living conditions “get under the skin” to either promote health or cause disease. We then explain, for each of the 17 social determinants of health:

  1. Why it is important to health;
  2. How we compare on the social determinant of health to other wealthy developed nations; and
  3. How the quality of the specific social determinant can be improved.

Improving the health of Canadians is possible but requires Canadians to think about health and its determinants in a more sophisticated manner than has been the case to date. The purpose of this second edition of Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts is to stimulate research, advocacy, and public debate about the social determinants of health and means of improving their quality and making their distribution more equitable.

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