Accessing Income-Boosting Benefits Through Tax Filing
Author: U. Bajwa
Topic: Tax filing and benefits
Publisher: Prosper Canada
Location: Canada
Format: Brief
Content Type: Tools
Publication Date: November 30, 2015
For Canadians with low-incomes, tax time is an important opportunity to boost their incomes by accessing a wide range of government benefits. This can be done by claiming benefits directly when they tax file or by using tax filing to establish their eligibility for benefits that they can then apply for through other processes. Many people with low-incomes, however, are missing out on important income boosting opportunities because they do not tax file. In some cases, they do not know they can improve their incomes by tax filing. In other cases, people experience barriers to tax filing. This brief summarizes what we know about tax filing by people with low-incomes and highlights key intervention strategies that can help more people to take advantage of this important avenue for accessing benefits for which they are eligible.
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