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Poverty or Prosperity: Indigenous Children in Canada
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Canada cannot and need not allow yet another generation of Indigenous citizens to languish in poverty. At a time when workforce replacement and skilled labour shortages occupy the attention of both business and government alike, the youngest and fastest growing demographic in the country struggles in poverty. While direct investment to alleviate the burden of poverty is part of the answer, other solutions exist. The wealth of natural resources and the jobs that go with development can be shared with far greater equity. Entrepreneurial activity in Indigenous communities, already on the rise, can be nurtured. First Nations can be supported in pursuing self-government, leading to better accountability. Canada can enable economic growth and better governance for Indigenous communities, empowering them to control their own destinies and to reach their full potential. Eliminating poverty among Indigenous children is a crucial step toward unlocking that potential.
Author: Daniel Wilson, David Macdonald
Topic: Poverty issues
Publisher: CCPA - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Location: Canada
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: December 31, 2013