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Social Policy That Works: An Agenda
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This short statement proposes an agenda for reconstructing much of our social policy over the next decade. Some of these initiatives build on ongoing reforms − most notably those regarding children and parents. The proposals for adults are more radical and far-reaching, calling for deconstruction of the outmoded welfare system and its replacement by wage based income security and an integrated employment and learning system for all Canadians, both working and unemployed. While we have cast our net widely to cover diverse elements of social policy, we do not mention every social problem and social program that exists. Rather, we focus on reforms that aim in various ways to help Canadians − especially those with low incomes, less education and barriers to employment (including persons with disabilities, aboriginals and immigrants) − get and keep jobs.
Author: Ken Battle, Sherri Torjman
Topic: Poverty issues
Publisher: Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Location: Canada
Format: Report
Content Type: Research
Publication Date: September 30, 2002