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Dealing with Debt

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Many of us struggle to talk about money, especially when it comes to talking about debt. It is when debt becomes too much for us to manage, or when we do not have a plan to pay it off, that it can become stressful and even overwhelming. This is when it is time to have those tough conversations and make a plan to deal with debt.

This booklet provides a set of activities to help you manage your debt, identify your money priorities, calculate what you owe and strategize how you can pay it back. These worksheets can be completed on your own, in the sequence that works best for you. However, we recommend working with a trusted financial coach or credit counsellor if possible.

This resource was inspired by Indigenous financial wellness expert and artist Simon Brascoupé, co-creator of our Managing Your Money resource. Learn more about the inception of these resources and our commitment to reconciliation.

Please scroll below to download single worksheets and the full booklet. 

Printed copies of this booklet are available to order at $250 per box of 50 booklets.

Order "Dealing with debt" Booklets - English

Support non-profit organizations providing free financial help to people with low-incomes by making a donation of any amount. The Diminishing their debt campaign is aiming to raise $5,000 towards the purchase of Dealing with Debt booklets for organizations in need.

We are grateful to the Government of Ontario for generously funding this resource, and to Credit Counselling Sudbury for their content consultation.

Updated on July 11, 2023: Added Options you can trust to help you with your debt and Debt advisory marketplace/ consumer awareness (Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada).

Worksheet resources in this toolkit are available as fillable PDFs. Please open with Adobe Acrobat Reader for full functionality.



Author: Prosper Canada
Topic: Credit & Debt, Financial literacy
Publisher: Prosper Canada
Location: Canada
Format: Toolkit
Content Type: Prosper Canada Toolkits
Publication Date: March 29, 2019